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  • 6月 02, 2023

    I’ve recently did a sound bath with my son it was his first time my second time. I enjoyed it whereas he was a lil disturbed by the vibrations but said it was cool but not for him. A couple hours Later he seemed agitated and quiet while having dinner out .. after dinner we left and started walking back to our car and he stated he was feeling like he was going to loose it and I kept asking him whats wrong and he just kept getting more and more aggressive and agitated repeatedly saying I just feel Angry! Then yelling off the top of his lung’s Screaming I feel Angry I feel angry and ran off! Said all this and shared this to ask if you’ve seen this type of reaction before after a Sound bath with anyone? And what could have caused this.. was this his chakras being awoken or was this some type of psychosis episode all I know is that he kept saying he feels like it had something to do with the sound bath. It took me a while to calm him down I felt scared like he was going to attack me and he was saying things that didn’t make much sense


    — Mellisa