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Bronze and brass singing bowls versus crystal or glass singing bowls

Bronze and brass singing bowls versus crystal or glass singing bowls

Where do crystal singing bowls come from?

The late '80s brought to the New Age community a very interesting instrument with angelic tone - crystal singing bowl.  

Crystal singing bowls are called "Quartz Crucibles" and they originated in the solar industry.

The crystal bowls are very popular these days and are a really good sounding instrument. Not many sound therapy practitioners know how these bowls are being manufactured.

How crystal singing bowls are made?

High Purity Quartz powder (silica sand) is being melted by heating to 4000 degrees Celsius and formed in the shape of a bowl. During the manufacturing process of crystal singing bowls, most of the physical properties of the raw quartz (such as piezoelectricity) are being lost. 

Since all glass manufacturing starts with silica sand, the more correct name for the crystal singing bowls is "glass singing bowls".

Most of the silica sand is coming from China and most of the singing bowls are being made in China!

Some of the crystal bowls are plated with precious metals or fused with semi-precious mineral powder. The coating of a mineral or metal is fused with a high temperature onto the surface of the frosted or clear crystal bowl.

Precious metals and minerals crystal singing bowls. 

    Many people address the mystical properties of the mineral kingdom to the singing bowls made of glass. I have no comments on this. As long as the Ethos of sound is merciful, the good intention and knowledge are present during the session, everything else is secondary
    Yes indeed, crystal singing bowls sound good when in good hands, but no matter how you play these instruments, the range of overtones is not the same as in bowls made of metal. 

Metal singing bowls vs glass singing bowls

Himalayan singing bowls are much more complex instruments than the crystal bowls. In the next segment, you will learn how to literally design the sound playing Himalayan bowls. There is so much art and science about it!

More information and comprehensive tutorials about this topic are offered in my online courses "Singing Bowls Art Lab" and "Sound Healing Teacher Training".


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