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我的在線課程“ Singing Bowls Art Lab”和“ Sound Healing Teacher Training”中提供了有關此主題的更多信息和綜合教程。

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  • 6月 24, 2021

    Dear Mary
    Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the path you are walking and want to help your son get connected to the power of sound.
    The only advice I can give in regards to choosing a singing bowl is to follow your intuition. There is no right or wrong instrument but there are sounds that make us feel a different way. Some sounds may ground us while other sounds may irritate us. Some tones can be associated with joy and lightness while others can bring us to darkness and fears.
    Please invite your son to listen to as many bows available here and let him choose the one, he connects with the most. It may end up with you not getting a bowl at all and just browsing through our website once in a while listening to our singing bowls. If that will make your life and your son’s life more fulfilled, we will take it as a huge achievement.
    With much love Guy Beider

    — Guy Yair Beider

  • 6月 24, 2021

    Hello , I am interested to buy a singing bowl and after researching it fir a few days , it is getting even more confusing than at first , I can’t read music which is a hinderance . But let me say , I am a mother of a 50 yr old disabled son that is legally blind . I had a dream he would be this way when I was pregnant ,so that is interesting .I would like to help his condition using the singing bowl.thank you for listening – Mary

    — Mary santoro