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  • %B%d,%Y 音符和脈輪?善意的精神欺詐。


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  • %B%d,%Y Singing Bowl, What's The Secret
    Singing Bowl, What's The Secret

    In this article, we will talk about the uniqueness of Himalayan Singing Bowls (also known as Tibetan Singing Bowls and Sound Healing Bowls). We will learn what makes the sound of singing bowls so unique and why listening to these instruments can be healing.

    This article presents interesting facts about the imprint of harmony within the timbre. We will also look deeper into the acoustic phenomenon such as dissonance, and brainwave entrainment.

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  • %B%d,%Y 10 Best Practices for Optimal Sound Healing
    10 Best Practices for Optimal Sound Healing Oftentimes sound healing or sound bath participants feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable by sounds that may be unintended by the sound practitioner, thus resulting in a participant’s aversion to continuing with further sessions.  Without the right tools and playing techniques, singing bowls can emit unwanted buzzing, loud or piercing pitches, or even harsh percussive sounds.  Read more
  • %B%d,%Y Singing bowl playing instructions
    Singing bowl playing instructions

    If you start hearing a rattling sound, slow down and apply more pressure. The mallet loosely vibrating against the metal (jumping on-and-off) causes that rattling sound. It takes a little pressure to maintain even friction with the metal as it vibrates back and forth. The rattle is usually heard in the same area when playing around the rim of the singing bowl. It happens because the pressure in that area is a little loose. The vibration can not be built up to a constant (steady) intensity if the singing bowl is rumbling. Listen to the sound rise slowly. Keep the pressure constant and the sound will build up to a loud tone in a matter of seconds.


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  • %B%d,%Y The Seven Metals Singing Bowl Myth
    The Seven Metals Singing Bowl Myth

    A common misconception is that Himalayan singing bowls are made from a special "sacred seven metal" alloy.

    This is a false myth that has been perpetuated over the internet. Many people believe the seven metal myths. However, there is no truth to it. Singing bowls were never made from seven metals. In testing hundreds of bowls, we have never found the mythical seven metals. We have found only bell metal bronze or the cheap brass alternative.


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  • %B%d,%Y Healing Resonance and healing frequencies
    Healing Resonance and healing frequencies

    One of the most important aspects to understand, when working in the field of sound healing or just using sound for self benefits is; what is resonance. People talk about the healing vibrations and healing frequencies. There are many claims made in the sound wellness community about the specific sound frequencies that kill cancer cells and frequencies that heal and repair DNA. There are claims about 432Hz creating the resonance of healing of the planet Earth... Claims about 528Hz is a frequency of love that creates resonance of DNA and therefore, is a DNA repairing frequency... 


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  • %B%d,%Y 喜馬拉雅唱歌碗的類型
    喜馬拉雅唱歌碗的類型 沒有較厚輪輞的Jambati聽起來會更深,並具有更多可辨別的泛音。這種類型的碗經常與男性能量有關。 Read more
  • %B%d,%Y What is so special about the singing bowl? My story.
    What is so special about the singing bowl? My story.

    When I came back home, I found new qualities in my instruments. After meeting the monk, I was inspired to become an even better listener to my clients and most importantly, to myself and the life around!

    I now listen to my body and soul more carefully. I listen to the universe. I am focused on listening, thanks to that short, yet profound meeting with the monk.

    Himalayan singing bowls brought so many profound lessons into my life, so many beautiful people, new 


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  • %B%d,%Y Singing bowls for healing
    Singing bowls for healing

    If you think that Himalayan singing bowls (also known as Tibetan singing bowls) are taking over the niche of yoga and meditation practice – you are mistaken. It's amazing to observe how much attention the sound bowls get these days. A few years ago a dentist asked me to help finding him a good quality singing bowl for his office. One of my students is a practicing nurse and doula. She uses a few singing bowls to help her patients relax and overcome pain. Another student of mine is Theta healing practitioner, using singing bowls in every session with her clients. I also have students that lead sacred plant


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  • %B%d,%Y The Benefits of Himalayan Singing Bowls
    The Benefits of Himalayan Singing Bowls

    Singing bowls could be brought to hospitals and rehabilitation centers. For more than four years now I've been bringing sound therapy to a nursing home and rehabilitation center in Manhattan. Although I introduced myself as a musician – and that's how I was hired – the management is calling my program “sound healing”. Most likely I would not have been hired if I called myself a sound healer. My agenda was to bring the art of conscious listening and meditation to the elders. I knew, however, that the sound healing modality had no support or even recognition 


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  • %B%d,%Y 了解什麼是“頻率”
    了解什麼是“頻率” 定期重複發生的振動具有其自己的“頻率”。頻率表示在固定的時間單位內運動週期的頻率。沒有周期性活動的振動沒有頻率。 Read more
  • %B%d,%Y 唱歌碗耳機是一個棘手的人!


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  • %B%d,%Y 青銅和黃銅唱歌碗與水晶或玻璃唱歌碗
    青銅和黃銅唱歌碗與水晶或玻璃唱歌碗 80年代末,新時代社區帶來了一個非常有趣的玩具,帶有天使般音調的樂器-水晶唱歌碗。 Read more
  • %B%d,%Y 輕彈重金屬
    輕彈重金屬 在本文中,我想談一談打擊唱歌碗。我將使其非常簡潔! Read more
  • %B%d,%Y 音樂筆記


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  • %B%d,%Y 唱歌碗的脈搏
    唱歌碗的脈搏 解釋唱歌碗的聲音特性的最重要標準之一是它的脈動速度(其調製或“節拍”)。

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