The Benefits of Himalayan Singing Bowls

The Benefits of Himalayan Singing Bowls

What are the benefits of singing bowls?

Singing bowls could be brought to hospitals and rehabilitation centers. For more than four years now I've been bringing sound therapy to a nursing home and rehabilitation center in Manhattan. Although I introduced myself as a musician – and that's how I was hired – the management is calling my program “sound healing”. Most likely I would not have been hired if I called myself a sound healer. My agenda was to bring the art of conscious listening and meditation to the elders. I knew, however, that the sound healing modality had no support or even recognition from health professionals. You can call me an entertainer if you want, just let me do my thing!

These interviews were taken in the Rehabilitation Center & Nursing Home in Manhattan, NY with the kind permission of the interviewed patients. I share these videos with much love and gratitude to spread the word about the medicinal properties of sound and singing bowls in particular. 

The incredible residents of the Upper East Side Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center have motivated me to share the craft I am passionate about. Throughout the years of being in the service, I had my ups and downs many times. I was considering quitting working with sound and reinventing myself. After each session at the rehab, I felt that I am doing the right thing. 

Unfortunately, some of these beautiful souls are no longer with us. About two years ago, an old gentleman was brought on a wheelchair by a nurse to participate in a sound journey session. He was not happy joining the circle repeatedly asking from the nurse to bring him back and left alone by his TV. The nurse however, insisted that he will try the sound healing session and promised him to sit closely just in case he wants to leave. 

I was paying close attention to this old gentlemen and was silently  praying for him to stay to receive my offering. By the third quarter of the session, I noticed the tears falling from his shot eyes. At the end of the session I came to him asking how does he feel. The old man replied ‘I never felt so liberated. Thank you”. I said, that next Wednesday he can have a journey again, but he did not come. He passed away.

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