Planetary sounds

Planetary sounds

What is the vibration frequency of the Earth?

One of the modern approaches to sound healing modality is matching the tones of the instruments (gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks) to "planetary frequencies". The planetary frequencies, in this case, are not the vibrations of the planetary surface or the heartbeat of a planet, but the orbital period and electro magnetic field! 

For example, the orbital period of the Earth around the Sun is 365.26 days. So what would be the sound of the Earth?

First, we should calculate how many seconds is it taking to the Earth, to complete the circle around the Sun. The next step will be the division of one second by this number. The result is 3,168722x10 - 8(ωHz), which is the note C# of the minus 29th octave.

The process of converting the planetary orbital period to sound doesn't stop here. When you look at the calculated values of planetary frequencies, you realize, that the numbers are way too low to be called a "sound". Now we are taking the result and doubling it till we reach the value of the frequency that could be heard. In other words, we just escalating octaves. In the case of our example, by escalating the octaves we will finally reach the value of 34.25(ωHz), which is an audible frequency (audible frequencies range for an average person is 20Hz - 20kHz).

With the frequency of 34.25(ωHz), we can jump one, two, three and even four octaves higher 68.5(ωHz), 136.10(ωHz), 272.20(ωHz), 544.40(ωHz) and still could refer to these numbers as "the sound of Earth - year".

Using this method it becomes possible to convert any known orbital period of the planet to sound. I can calculate the sound of Earth - day, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, etc.

Please note, that the method described here, is dealing with the planetary rotation speed. The conversion of planetary angular velocity (radians per second ωHz) to the ordinary frequency (cycles per second Hz) is being totally neglected! The ordinary frequency's value would be smaller than the radiant frequency's value by 2π. Also, whatever may be brought to you as the planetary frequency is NOT a planetary frequency, but as it was shown, one second divided by orbital period, multiplied by millions

I have no judgment about the method of using "Planetary sounds". Gong is a powerful tool, period! It's up to you which gong to work with, simply do not get caught by names and consider that metaphysical approaches are "not always" practical. 

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