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Sound Healing Teacher Training Testimonials:

Rudi Bach Sound Meditation Facilitator at Kripalu Center (MA, USA)

"Guy Yair Beider has been a key teacher in my growth as a sound-therapy practitioner. He has been a great mentor and guide during times when my work expanded to larger groups.

Some teachers of sound healing are focused on theory, and others tend towards practicum, Guy combines both with wisdom, humor, and a heart the size of a bus.

His love for the instruments and his care for the soundscape are two of the many things that you will take away from studying with Guy. His experience is deep and grounded and the ability to see past any baggage students may have is a hallmark of his approach.

Guy Beider is a great teacher and I have enjoyed learning from him so much!"

Marina Sigalova Sound Meditation Facilitator & Theta Healing Practitioner (Italy)

"Guy Beider taught me sound healing and opened up a new world of therapeutic uses of sound. I consider myself lucky. Guy is extremely knowledgeable and has a deep understanding of the field of sound healing.

Before I studied with him, I completed two sound healing classes with an internationally recognized Sound Healing Academy: One-on-One Sound Healing and Group Sound Healing. After spending around PS2300, I had many questions that I didn't get answered by my tutors.

I wasn't satisfied with "trust-your-intuition,-and-play" answers.

It wasn't just me, it was also my friend. She had taken a sound healing course at another school and was unaware of harmony or dissonant intervals. So it was almost like an unconscious beating on a singing bowl, attributing notes to chakras.

Guy's teaching methods allowed me to gain a deep understanding of sound and how it works.

He shared his knowledge on sound and how it can be used to create deep healing responses in a clear, practical, enthusiastic manner.

Guy's teachings are based upon deep scientific research and intuitive knowledge. He encouraged me to develop my intuition through conscious listening.

His course is so thorough that you don't need to look at other sources. He is a great teacher and I highly recommend study sound healing with him."

Lee R Horsman Sound Meditation Facilitator (NC, USA)

"Guy Beider's sound therapy class was just what I needed. Although I was familiar with Tibetan singing bowls, but was interested in learning how to use them therapeutically and as a support for meditation, I didn't have a clear understanding of their various properties and ranges, nor how they performed together. And, of course, I did not know how to put together synergistically a group of singing bowls that would work together musically and therapeutically.

Guy Beider brings together science and art, with a hint of mysticism, when he presents his class. His ability to communicate his knowledge, wisdom and experience in a clear way is a hallmark of Guy. He is also able to debunk by supporting with facts many common misconceptions, including those that sound healing salespeople use.

Guy walked me through the various sound dynamics between pitches. He explained each step so that I could get a feel for how to create the sound I was looking for and how to choose the right pitches. Guy uses many online videos, tutorials, and interactive exercises to illustrate complex concepts. These video clips are clear and very helpful.

Sound Healing Teacher Training class gave me a lot of useful tools, helped me understand in practical ways and inspired me to make my search real. This class was so well-written! I am grateful and inspired to bring sound healing to the world!"

Lisbeth Busk-Johansen Sound Meditation Facilitator (Denmark)

Guy Yair Beider shares his wealth of knowledge, insights, and love for singing bowls in this sound therapy course. He does so with kindness and honesty.

In well-written chapters, the author shares his extensive knowledge and experience in sound healing work.

The "Sound Healing Teacher Training Course" has given me the knowledge and inspiration to work in a field I had been struggling to find reliable and useful information. I am now more confident and knowledgeable in my sound healing work as well as my continuing love for singing bowls.

This Sound Healing Course Was a Life Changing Experience. Rozi S. Sound Wellness and Reiki Practitioner (UK)

"Taking this sound healing course was a life-changing event!
The teacher provides with a lot of practical advices that is different from others. He is focused on a deep understanding of sound and how to use it well. He shares with love and dedication all that he knows about healing instruments.
Although I was nervous about missing out on the face-to-face aspects of training, I didn't feel this way.

This sound healing course was a life-changing experience for me. It took me a lot of time to absorb all the information and love that I received.
I'm so happy to share my knowledge to help others heal by the amazing qualities of sound!
Guy, I want to thank you for all your wisdom, knowledge, dedication, and love.

I Have Found The Perfect Guide On My Sound Healing Path! Barbara Cohen Practical Nurse and Sound Healing Practitioner (Germany)

"Before enrolling in this course, I had already received my certificate from another sound healing school and had been a sound healer for nine years. I noticed a few years ago that my motivation to bring sound healing vibrations to my clients was waning. It took me a while to discover the root cause of my problem.

I didn't have the necessary knowledge to understand the nature of sound, nor did I have the tools to support my intuition. I relied on the esoteric concepts, protocols and techniques I received in the sound healing school nine year ago. I couldn't rely on it anymore. I needed to learn the truth!
The sheer number of topics in the Sound Healing Teacher's Training curriculum made me nervous. But I knew this course was the right for me.
Four and a half months later, I'm reviewing this course. It brings me joy, confidence and excitement to share my work with others.
This course was incredible! Guy Beider is very dedicated to sound and people. Guy shares his knowledge and wisdom with such passion, love, and humor. It is hard to imagine a better sound healing teacher or school for sound healing.
Sincerely Barbara C."

I am laughing at my certificates from the previous sound healing schools and academies! This course is all I needed!  Lily R. Sound Healing Facilitator (CA, USA)

"The Sound Healing Teacher Training is highly recommended.
The segments were all clear and fun. I have learned so much new information and also tried out new techniques. Guy Beider, my tutor, was an amazing master of sound healing and human communication. He provided lots of support!
Both the self-teaching portion of the program as well as the Zoom conversations with Guy were my favorite day activities.
After learning so much from Sound Medicine Academy, my concerns about taking an online class seem completely unfounded. The certificates I have earned with other sound healing schools over the years are nothing compared to the practical knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration that Guy has given me.
P.S. I am familiar with physics of sound now!!!"

 From The Founder Of The Sound Medicine Academy 

My name is Guy Yair Beider. Finding the practice that would help me reaching my potentials and becoming useful for society was the goal of my search for many years. 
In the winter of 2007 I got introduced to the sound of Himalayan singing bowls. The moment I heard that beautiful complex song of a singing bowl, I was captivated. It was like the world had stopped and I was standing there breathless in the timeless space of nothingness. It was obvious to me that I need to learn more about the effects of these instruments and I rushed to dig into it.
Many of the things I learned about singing bowls and sound healing from the internet sources and books, did not sound logical. I was lacking reliable information.
While my appreciation for the subtle beauty and fine nuances in sound grew up, watching YouTube videos of sound healing practitioners loudly striking sacred instruments was making me doubtful. I made a commitment to explore the healing properties of sound and share it with people. 
To learn the principals of sound healing, I purchased several singing bowls, and began to play hypnotic sequences for individuals and groups. My best teachers were the singing bowls and my audience. 
To better understand the perception of sound and benefits of conscious listening, I started to focus on the acoustical properties of every surrounding tone. I delved deeper into musicology, psychology, physics, and psychoacoustics. I felt and knew what was happening.
Since 2010, I have conducted hundreds of sound journeyswitnessed and documented countless miracles happening to the audience. These miracles gave me confidence and motivated me to share my knowledge with you. This is a mission I accept with humility, great honor, and great responsibility.
Sound healing instructor