Sound Healing Accredited Certification Training

Explore the transformative power of sound

In your artistic and healing journey with our comprehensive online Sound Healing Certification Training program.

In today’s fast-paced world, your unique voice and skills are more crucial than ever. Our program, specifically tailored for aspiring sound wellness facilitators, focuses on breaking through personal barriers, nurturing a distinctive creative vision, and empowering you to fully embrace your potential as both an artist and healer.

Our curriculum, designed by the Sound Medicine Academy, offers an in-depth exploration into the world of sound healing, far exceeding the scope of typical sound baths. You’ll engage in a process of self-discovery, connecting with your inner artist and crafting soulful sonic experiences that resonate deeply with your audience.

Our sound healing certification courses cover an extensive range of topics, blending heart, mind, auditory perception, and spiritual awareness. Discover the artistry in sound, harnessing it as a tool for wellness, healing, and personal enlightenment.

Whether you're just beginning to tap into your artistic potential or are an experienced energy healing practitioner seeking deeper understanding, our classes provide the insight and knowledge you need. Avoid common pitfalls and misconceptions in sound healing with our expert guidance.

Embark on a journey to illuminate your path as both an artist and an individual.

Our sound healing certification training welcomes participants of all skill levels, offering a no-nonsense approach. We steer clear of baseless theories and gimmicks. Sound therapy is a profound discipline, treated with utmost respect and seriousness in our courses.

Proudly certified by the International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA), our Sound Healing Certificate (200 Hours) reflects the highest standards in the field. ISTA, a leader in setting educational benchmarks, ensures the integrity and professionalism of sound healing practitioners.

Additionally, we are certified by the Sound Healing Liability Insurance Provider Massage Magazine Insurance Plus. With over 35 years of experience in touch therapies, they provide a specialized insurance program for our graduates.

Our flexible sound healing courses structure allows you to learn at your own pace and on your schedule, accommodating your lifestyle. Our lessons are straightforward, structured, and progressively build on each other for an effective learning experience.

Access our online sound healing training courses from any device and revisit lessons unlimited times. We are committed to supporting you throughout your learning journey – reach out to us with any queries for prompt assistance.

Join our community through free webinars and benefit from one-on-one instructor sessions at no extra cost.

We are dedicated to your satisfaction. If you’re not completely content with our courses, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What You Should Know About Our Sound Healing Certification Training Program

Integrity Is Everything

In recent years, sound healing has gained widespread popularity. It has evolved into a thriving industry encompassing software, gadgets, musical instruments, and educational institutions offering certification in sound healing.

Sound therapists and sound healers have emerged in various places, all with the noble intention of making the world a better, less suffering-filled place. However, there often exists a significant gap between their intentions and their actual knowledge and expertise.

Some practitioners aim to guide their audience toward harmony without ensuring that their instruments themselves are harmonic. Some may not even grasp the fundamental concept of harmony in music.

Harmony is rooted in mathematics, yet regrettably, many sound healing training providers lack comprehensive instruction in mathematics, music theory, and the intricate skills of deep listening.

Discovering such knowledge can be challenging since the majority of sound healing schools tend to replicate the same information, focusing on working with 'special' frequencies and applying Western musical notes to chakras.

Before taking on the responsibility of healing through sound, it's imperative to grasp the essence of sound itself!

To build confidence in your practice, you must familiarize yourself with physics, music theory, the specifics of musical instruments, and various other subjects, including basic physiology and psychoacoustics.

Neglecting these foundational subjects creates blind spots in your relationship with the art of sound healing. This underscores the importance of integrity.

I'm Guy Yair Beider, and for many years, I sought a practice that could help me become a better version of myself while benefiting others.

In 2007, my journey led me to the enchanting sound of Himalayan singing bowls. The moment I heard the intricate simplicity of these singing bowls for the first time, it took my breath away. It felt as if the world had momentarily ceased to exist. I immediately realized that I had to delve into the study of these instruments.

Due to the scarcity of reliable information, much of what I learned initially seemed perplexing. YouTube videos of people loudly striking sacred instruments left me skeptical. My fascination lay in the subtle beauty of sound, and I was determined to unravel and share this beauty.

I acquired several singing bowls and began creating gentle, hypnotic sequences for individuals and groups.

The singing bowls and my audience became my most influential sound healing teachers.

To gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics between my instruments, I delved into the acoustical properties of each bowl. I immersed myself in the art of attentive listening and studied musicology, physics, psychoacoustics, and psychology.

Now, I could feel and understand what was transpiring.

Since 2010, I've led numerous sound journeys and had the privilege of witnessing and documenting genuine miracles experienced by my audience. These miracles have instilled in me confidence and a strong motivation to share my expertise with you.

I've developed a practical program that speaks to both the heart and the intellect, unveiling missing links and knowledge that no other sound healing certification training program offers.

This program is meticulously designed to guide you through the intricate world of symbiosis between sound and humanity.

Whether you're an experienced practitioner or aspiring to become one, sound healing certification training will empower you to become a confident creator of therapeutic arts.

You'll delve into the most nuanced aspects of working with sound and receive answers to questions that would otherwise take years to address.

You'll no longer feel adrift when encountering discussions or literature on sound properties because you'll acquire a deep understanding of the physics of sound.

Analyzing musical compositions won't be overwhelming, as you'll become well-versed in the core principles of music theory.

You'll be able to distinguish myths from facts in the sound wellness market.

You'll learn the art of conscious listening and how to craft your sonic journeys to guide your audience through transformative experiences, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

You'll explore the subtle intricacies of psychoacoustics and learn to elicit desired listening responses.

You'll gain insights into the true origins of Himalayan singing bowls, their various types, sonic characteristics, and practical applications. Additionally, you'll receive a buyer's guide and exercises to refine your skills as a quality evaluator.

You'll have the opportunity to participate in what my students fondly call a 'Ph.D. singing bowls practical lab,' a revolutionary method for uncovering the dynamics of singing bowls.

You'll learn to work with the pulse of singing bowls, select harmonious instruments, assemble coherent sets, create sonic spaces with overtones, connect tones into a coherent narrative, bridge instruments that speak different musical languages, and engage in transparent communication with them.

You'll also be introduced to the most widely used sound healing instruments in the field and gain proficiency in playing them thoughtfully.

Guidance will be provided on how to facilitate sound experiences in the safest, ethical, and thoughtful manner.

You'll receive recommendations for setups and scenarios that offer the best experiences, along with insights from professional sound workers sharing what to avoid during sound journeys.

I eagerly anticipate your participation in the sound healing certification training and look forward to addressing your comments and inquiries. I approach this mission with humility, deep honor, and an immense sense of responsibility!

Truly Yours,

Guy Yair Beider