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Ethos. The character of sound

Ethos. The character of sound

The character of sound you introduce to your or the client's field is probably the most important aspect to consider! If you pay close attention, you will realize that each bowl has it's own energy. It might be associated with a specific mood, temperature, color, steepness, roughness, smell, season, situation or even scenario. Each bowl has it's own message and energy to offer.

The sound alone could provoke a memory or emotion that could penetrate the layers of subconscious knowledge and bring up something very valuable for your daily life.

Some tones could make you cry by covering with a blanket of melancholy. These could be tears of joy or sadness. The message could be so subtly powerful, that you may not even be conscious of what it’s trying to tell you and yet, you'll cry. The sound could also lead to a dark place by bringing up fears or bad memories, or it could do the opposite, make you laugh.

It’s essentially important to give a thought about which bowl to use when working with a particular issue. It's essentially important to match the character of your instrument to the client's character. It is essential that you understand the "energy" of your instruments, especially when you are forming the headset, choosing a bowl for the heart center or working with the stomach. I personally choose to work with very gentle and joyful sounds that carry hidden wisdom and mystery. I would never place a bowl with very rough mechanical vibrations and a darker energy tone on someone's stomach. We digest our experiences and emotions in there, so be careful with that. When selecting a bowl to work with on the heart center, be sure to use plenty of discretion and consideration. Someone may need a grounding sound, a warrior sound or even a darker sound to go through the traumas, while others may need the sound of sunlight or a morning mist.


More information and comprehensive tutorials about this topic are offered in my online courses "Singing Bowls Art Lab" and "Sound Healing Teacher Training".


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