Harmony has a formula

Harmony has a formula

Is sound healing effective?

The singularly most important foundational aspect of authentic sound healing work is to skillfully harmonize the multilayered energetic field and physical vehicle of the person you are treating. As a sound healer or sound therapy practitioner, your essential goal is to bring your client into greater alignment, resonance and harmony - both within their own complex system and specifically with the precise sounds and frequencies you meticulously select. On a fundamental level, it does not necessarily matter whether you formally identify as a sound healer, use sound ceremonial work, or simply integrate sound as a tool for meditation.

All intentional and skillful sound healing work aims to finely attune and recalibrate your client's mind, body, spirit and subtle energy fields with the resonant frequencies you choose to administer in service of their highest growth and healing. This context leads to a vital question in need of continual contemplation - why not select exclusively the most harmonic, the most intrinsically harmonious sources of sound available to produce optimal attunement and elevating effects?

Healing With Harmonic Series

In my practice, I use different combinations of tones - consonant and dissonant. It all depends on what goal I would like to achieve with the client. One part of the session I could nourish the person with the most pleasant sonic patterns but then, when I find the client in his or her comfort zone, I may introduce a dissonance in order to pull out the issue. I always have to know what I am doing while remaining open to intuitive solutions based upon each client’s individual needs.

In my own professional practice as an experienced full-time sound healer and certified sound therapy practitioner, I use customized combinations of tones - both consonant and dissonant - depending precisely on my therapeutic goals for each uniquely complex client in each session. During certain phases of a intricate sound healing treatment, I may nourish the person with the most consonant, pleasant and soothing blended sonic patterns to open, relax and uplift them in preparation for deeper work. But later, when I sense through intuitive observation that the client has descended into a more open, receptive state of being, I may introduce a purposefully punctuated dissonance to help draw out underlying issues, blockages or areas ready to be acknowledged and released to allow greater flow, integration and progression.

As a responsible healer, I aim to remain open, responsive and finely attuned to subtle intuitive guidance based on each individual's distinct needs and opportunities in each powerfully potential moment. While there is often an overarching structural flow, there is always spaciousness left for improvisation and intuition based on what organically wishes to emerge.

Over the course of many years of full-time professional sound healing service and through an attitude of continuous learning, I have realized just how absolutely fundamental and crucial it is to use instruments with precise tuning capable of producing true, clean harmonic resonance without distortion. The purity of these healing sounds makes the utmost difference in achieving tangible transformation and breakthroughs. The truth is, frequency precision matters.

This context brings up an additional important question - do all singing bowls and other instruments marketed to sound healing practitioners and spiritual seekers actually emit properly tuned, distortion-free harmonic overtones as claimed?

The short answer is - absolutely not! Here is the key critical point - our clients and students do not consciously know whether the bowls they select as as trusted guides are precisely tuned for peak coherence or whether they are improperly tuned without harmonic integrity. However, on an unconscious, energetic level our cellular matrix intrinsically recognizes and responds to what “feels” balanced, concordant and harmonious based on underlying mathematical proportions and ratios that undergird the universe itself. Our multi-layered energy fields literally feel, sense and respond to the difference between true harmony and dissonance. 

At Bells of Bliss, we carefully inspect, meticulously source and personally evaluate each sound bowl offered to our students and clients with great care, presence and discernment. We listen with our ears, our hearts and our deepest intuition. We allow the sound from a potential new instrument to fully resonate through and penetrate our mental, emotional and spiritual essence before analyzing it with the most updated and reliable sound frequency spectrum analyzer. This rigorous selection process requires us to go beyond mental preferences and ensures we only use and provide singing bowls capable of emitting TRUE HARMONIC resonance down to the cellular level - because this is the only type of resonant sound with the capacity to recalibrate your whole being.

The power of intentional, precise and coherent harmonic resonance can restore balance, activate unity consciousness and ignite inner peace from the quantum field up. As dedicated sound healers, enlightened musicians, and teachers of this ancient esoteric science and contemporary art, it is our responsibility to choose our healing sounds impeccably wisely. Our focus, knowledge and skill with using harmonic series makes all the difference in our quality of service and the lasting ripple effects of our noble work. As always, there is so much more to discover.

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