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About the source of Himalayan singing bowls  (Tibetan singing bowls) - Bells Of Bliss

Welcome to Bells of Bliss!  Thank you for choosing us as your guide in finding sonic harmony.

Bells of Bliss is a source for authentic Himalayan singing bowls, singing bowl sets and practical knowledge to approach these instruments in the most efficient way.

On the pages of our catalog, you will find the highest quality singing bowls along with a comprehensive description of the sound characteristics, age, size and weight of each singing bowl. To each singing bowl, we attach two images and a professional sound recording of two different playing styles (striking and rubbing the singing bowl).

Each Tibetan singing bowl is being offered with at least one complementary playing stick (singing bowl mallet) attached to your purchase, along with a range of singing bowls accessories we recommend for you to buy in addition.

Singing bowls and sound healing blog and courses

To expand your knowledge about singing bowls, please visit our "Blog".  Please dedicate some of your precious time to get familiar with the short articles in this section, it may save you lots of time and money! Bells of Bliss is also providing with an online sound wellness education. To learn more about our sound healing courses, please visit "Sound Academy" menu. We also offer a free singing bowls course which could catch your interest if you use singing bowls for meditation, self balance and relaxation, as well as, for private and group sound therapy, and healing.