Harmony has a formula

Harmony has a formula

Is sound healing effective?

The most important aspect of sound healing is to harmonize the energetic field and physical body of the person you are treating. It doesn't matter if you are a sound healer or if you are just using sound as a tool for meditation, all you want is to align yourself and your client with the sound you choose. So why not choose the HARMONIOUS source of sound?!

In my practice, I use different combinations of tones - consonant and dissonant. It all depends on what goal I would like to achieve with the client. One part of the session I could nourish the person with the most pleasant sonic patterns but then, when I find the client in his or her comfort zone, I may introduce a dissonance in order to pull out the issue. I always have to know what I am doing while remaining open to intuitive solutions based upon each client’s individual needs.

Over time, I realized how important it is to work with harmonically tuned instruments.

Do all singing bowls emit harmonious overtones? The answer is - absolutely not! Does your client know if the bowls you are using are not harmonically tuned? Subconsciously we all know what harmony is! The mathematical proportions and ratios could help us to identify if the overtones present in your instruments are the real harmonics.

At Bells of Bliss, we carefully select each bowl. We inspect it our ears and with our hearts. We allow the sound to penetrate our mental and emotional essences and only then, we analyze it with the most updated and reliable digital equipment to make sure that we offer you the TRUE HARMONY!

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