The Octave and the Perfect fifth

The Octave and the Perfect fifth

What is a perfect fifth?

An Octave and a Perfect Fifth are the most consonant combinations of tones I focus on.

It is a common phenomenon that in a high-quality singing bowl the first overtone jumps an octave above the perfect fifth in relation to the fundamental tone. In other words, the ratio between the overtone and the fundamental frequencies isn't 3:2, but 3:1. It is the triple fundamental's frequency or a "third harmonic".

Example: the fundamental 100Hz and the first overtone 300Hz.

More information and comprehensive tutorials about this topic are offered in my online courses "Singing Bowls Art Lab" and "Sound Healing Teacher Training".

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Singing bowls with an interval of an octave between the fundamental tones


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  • 1月 13, 2023

    I am interested in the octave and the Perfect fifth played together.

    — Sonja


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