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Singing bowl Thadobati cup TcA#170

Headphones on recommended
  • Fundamental Note: A#/Bb4 (La#/Tib4)
  • Fundamental(Hz): 479-484
  • Overtone Note: E6 (Mi6)
  • Overtone(Hz): 1318-1322
  • Style: Thadobati
18th  century
Medium thick-walled cup with a very smooth surface. Sweet, balanced and clear combination of fundamental and overtone. A superior quality instrument for any kind of practice for both beginners and advanced level practitioners. Long-playing calming sound. The bowl is played smoothly by rubbing the rim with the suede stick. It is also very easy to play it by rubbing the bowl with a wooden mallet. 
Frequencies: 479-484Hz (A#/B4). Monaural beats range Theta. 1318-1322Hz (E6, concert pitch). Monaural beats range Delta. 
Other frequencies: 2424Hz, 3746Hz.  Includes complementary singing bowl cushion and striking / rubbing mallet R2.