Singing bowl Rubbing mallet R3

  • Size 8.3/4x1.3/4" (21x4.5cm)
This mallet is good to play the stable fundamental tone of your large (8-12 inch in diameter) bowls by rubbing the rim. Spin the suede padded end of the stick pressing it against the wall of the bowl. By going parallel to the wall, you'll play the low tone, playing on the edge of the bowl by making a sharp angle with the mallet you may produce a higher portion of your instrument's tonal range. Some bowls are hard to play by rubbing them with the suede mallets. The wooden end is an alternative. While rubbing the bowl with the wooden part of the mallet, you may hear a harsh sound which could be reduced by slowing down your rotations and pressing the mallet a little harder against the wall of your instrument.
This mallet is also good to strike large size bowls 8-12 inch diameter in order to produce the high pitched overtones, but please be gentle in order to prevent any damage of the bowl.