Physics Of Sound For Sound Healing Practitioner


PDF download 27 pages with hyperlinks to tutorial videos 

This book is the first step to take for those who consider the powerful tool of sound as a therapeutic modality. It contains the necessary knowledge for working with such aspects as: frequencies, pitch, loudness, resonance, harmonics, cymatics, etc.

The book is designed for beginning level and advanced level sound workers. It was created to make physics of sound accessible and easy to learn for everybody.

The sound worker will be provided with articles written in a very simple, straightforward format. In addition to the written material, this segment also includes diagrams, dynamic drawings (GIFs) and tutorial videos.

The topics of this course:

  • Definition of sound.

  • Vibration, medium and receiver.

  • The frequency and pitch in sound.

  • Low and high frequencies, wavelength.

  • Definition of loudness.

  • How sound travels in a medium.

  • Review of human perception of sound amplitude.

  • Review of low and high frequency perception at different volume.

  • Definition of resonance and resonant frequencies.

  • Sympathetic resonance.

  • Discussion about using sound frequencies in medicine and healing.

  • Debunking common myths about resonant frequencies for healing.

  • What sound consists of.

  • Definition of timbre and sound partials.

  • The difference between harmonics and overtones.

  • Standing waves.

  • Definition of constructive and destructive waves (amplification and cancellation of sound).

  • Nodes and antinodes.

  • Introduction to cymatics.

  • Relationship between physical properties of matter and geometrical patterns in cymatics.

  • What is noise?

  • The difference between white noise, pink noise, and brown noise.

  • Test to check your knowledge

  • Schumann resonances

...and a lot more practical information and insights that the sound worker will need for becoming a skillful artist.