Himalayan Sound Revelations Paperback Book & CD Download

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The Complete Singing Bowl Book Paperback (comes with a CD download)

This book is the second, expanded edition of what many sound healing practitioners call the "bible" of Himalayan singing bowls. The book's broad scope of practical information is appreciated worldwide by anyone interested in the sound of Tibetan singing bowls. There's nothing missing in this book.

Frank Perry, who was one of the pioneer practitioners of Himalayan singing Bowls in the 1970s, is also an experimental musician. This book contains the most comprehensive and detailed explanations of how to "play" singing bowls that can't be found anywhere else.


Your purchase will include a download of Mr. Perry's CD "Himalayan Singing Bowls" Volume 15. 

The inspiration for this CD album arose from a wish to demonstrate some of the 80 advanced techniques written of in the book "Himalayan Sound Revelations". However, alongside this wish was the idea that it should stand alone as a piece of music. 

In other words, the desire to illustrate in a musical setting some of these advanced techniques (there are some 38 included within the piece), should not dominate the sense of it being an organic musical piece. 

The inevitable use of multi-tracking in recording parts of this music means that these sections are compiled from improvisations recorded separately and, sometimes (having been recorded some years earlier), with no previous intention to be part of this piece. 

*Below are listed in order of appearance these advanced techniques, alongside their page in the book, and beginning with the time within the piece when they appear (an asterisk marks those not included in the Advanced Technique section of the first edition of the book).

Frank Perry's writings result from his close contact with Himalayan Masters and his immersion in mysticism and esoteric traditions. He is also an expert on other art forms, such as Nicholas Roerich's paintings. Although Frank Perry is the author of many articles, this is his first book. He is a well-known musician and has been mentioned in many books about percussion and improvisation. He recorded with Brian Eno and is an internationally known performer who is familiar with radio, television, and modern media. Frank Perry is, however, a true asset and values the sound experience that he creates. The second edition has been expanded and corrected. It also includes an additional chapter and an additional appendix.

  • Dedicated to those with a passion for these Himalayan sounds and that are also seeking to know more and wishing to deepen their understanding of working with singing bowls.
  • Tibetan singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, and Tibetan bells (drilbu). Tibetan cymbals (Ding-sha), Boo Flute, voice, Gongs, Rain Sticks, and wind chimes.

                                                                                                  Completed on 9/12/2014

    2:22 Silver Rain bowls  - page 187

    2:35 Brushed Bowls Dipped in water - page 182*

    2:56 brushed bowls - page 182

    3:31 Dancing bowls - page 187

    4:00  Bowed bowl with water - page 146*

    5:15 Struck ululated bowl - page 162 *

    5:42 Rain bowls - page 187

    7:01 Uluwater - page 182

    9:37 Rotated tipping - page 190

    10:35 Water rotated tipping - page 191

    11:34 Spirit voices - page 183

    12:13 Bowls deepened into water *

    12:30 Spirit voices (Glissando) - page 183

    12:55 Matched pair echo - page 192

    13:40 Matched pair echo and struck Chalice - page 192

    14:34 Gamelan - page 183

    15:12 Swung Drilbu Choir - page 96*

    16:16 Doppler Effect - page 191

    17:57 Ululated Stroked Bowls (Choir)  - page 99*

    19:00 Jumping bowls (Choir) - page 165*

    24:08 Drilbu Stroked (Choir) - page 99*

    25:39 3rd or 4th Partial - page 139 and 313/4

    39:31 Sound Bath Set - page 20*

    46:25 Reinforcement  - page 187

    46:34 Gamelan Dampng - page 188

    49:40 Matched Pairs - page 182

    49:52 Matched pairs struck simultaneously - page 182

    50:58 Harmonizing Choir - page 183

    55:18 Harp - page 189

    55:40 Shaken Drilbu Choir *

    56:21 Spirit Presence - page 185

    57:47 Yoga Bowl and Matched Pairs * - page 168 and page 182

    60:21 Bowed Bowls *

    63:30 Escalator - page 184

    68:15 Spirit Whispers - page 185

    73:37 Hi-Lo - page 188

    73:55 Broadband Spectrum - page 188

    75:47 Reinforcement - page 187*