Binaural set of rare medium Bodhi bowls TG123 / TG146

Headphones on recommended
  • Fundamental Note: G3 (Sol3)
  • Overtone Note: C5 (Do5)
  • Style: Thadobati
Extremely rare matched pair of two “Bodhi” bowls. This set is a part of my private collection and it had proved that sonic magic could be a powerful tool for healing over the years. These two bowls could be literally the ONLY two bowls to conduct a private sound healing session! The union between the sonic patterns of these instruments is able to carry away from the worries almost anybody. You just don’t want to stop listening to this sound. Each of these Bodhies is a masterpiece individually, but it would be a shame not to pass them as a binaural set.
The age of these instruments is approximately 200 years old. Both of these bowls have a very smooth, thick and tall wall, which gives them the ability to emit very long-lasting balanced and mesmerizing combinations of tones. It’s effortlessly easy to play the rims of both bowls, either with suede padded end of the mallet or overtone when being rubbed with the wooden end.
The fundamental tone frequencies:  TG123: 191hz-193hz (G3-3hz)
The fundamental tone frequencies:  TG146: 192hz-194hz (G3-4hz)
Difference (binaural beats) between lower frequencies is 1hz
The difference between higher frequencies is 1hz as well.
First overtone TG123: 536-539hz (C5+13hz)
First overtone TG146: 533-538hz (C5+15hz)
Binaural 3hz and 1hz 
Second overtone TG123: 1009hz
Second overtone TG146: 997hz
Binaural 12hz 
Third overtone TG123: 1576hz
Third overtone TG146: 1581hz
Binaural 5hz.
Fourth overtone TG123: 2244hz
Fourth overtone TG146: 2241hz
Binaural 3hz 
Excellent set for advanced level practitioners and collectors.
Set includes two complementary singing bowl cushions, two singing bowl mallets R2 and two mallets S2.
Size of TG123: 7.3/8"x4.1/8" (19.5x10.3cm)
Size of TG146: 7.3/4"x4.1/8" (20x10.5cm)
41.1oz (1166g)
44.2oz (1254g)