Antique singing bowl Jambati JF#61

Headphones on recommended
  • Size 9.3/8"x4.3/8" (23.7x11cm)
  • Weight 48.46Oz (1313g)
  • Fundamental Note: F#/Gb3 (Fa#/Sol3)
  • Fundamental(Hz): 185-188
  • Overtone Note: D5 (Re5)
  • Overtone(Hz): 574-578
  • Style: Jambati
18th Century
Just listen to the peaceful song of this beautifully tuned thick-wall Jambati. The sound is loud, clear and joyful.
This is a very good instrument for any kind of practice (individual and group sound meditations, private sound healing sessions, ceremonies, etc).
The bowl is an easy player - just rub the rim, and it will sing equally good low and high tones (depending on the playing technique and type of a mallet). 
This bowl is equally good for beginners and experienced practitioners. Good massaging bowl (M-3).
Frequencies: 185-188Hz (F#3 Concert pitch). Monaural beats range Delta. 574-578Hz (D5-9Hz). Monaural beats range Delta. 
Other frequencies: 1131Hz, 1809Hz, 2400Hz.
Includes complementary singing bowl cushion, striking mallet S1 and rubbing mallet R3.