Antique singing bowl from a private collection Jambati JD162

Headphones on recommended
  • Size 9 5/8"x4 1/4" (24.5 x 10.7cm)
  • Weight 50.4oz (1428g)
  • Fundamental Note: D3 (Re3)
  • Fundamental(Hz): 143-148
  • Overtone Note: A4 (La4)
  • Overtone(Hz): 440-446
  • Style: Jambati
18th Century
A rare shape Jambati singing bowl with a substantial thick-walled construction, and a sturdy rim. Immerse yourself in the morning ritual of indulging in the resonant tones of this Jambati, a practice designed to usher in mental and emotional clarity at the start of your day. The pure, crystalline vibrations emanating from this bowl gently caress both the heart and the mind, infusing a sense of joy and serenity into your being. Irrespective of your playing technique, each note produced by this exceptional instrument carries with it an all-encompassing feeling of calmness. Its tranquil and soothing sound possesses the remarkable ability to alleviate anxiety, promoting almost instantaneous relaxation.
This harmonious singing bowl stands as a versatile gem, perfectly suited for a wide array of settings, including group meditation sessions, private healing practices, and ceremonial leadership roles.
Playing it is a breeze; simply employ the suede-covered end of the playing stick to rub the rim.
Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned practitioner, this bowl's universal appeal ensures that it caters to individuals of all proficiency levels.
Frequencies: 143-148Hz (D3 + 2Hz). Monaural beats range Theta.
440-446Hz (A4). Monaural beats range Theta.
Other frequencies: 894Hz, 1432Hz.
Includes complementary singing bowl cushion, striking mallet S1 and rubbing mallet R3.