Antique singing bowl from a private collection Jambati JD160

Headphones on recommended
  • Size 10 5/8"x5 1/4" (27 x 13.2cm)
  • Weight 55.4oz (1572g)
  • Fundamental Note: D3 (Re3)
  • Fundamental(Hz): 143-145
  • Overtone Note: A4 (La4)
  • Overtone(Hz): 435-443
  • Style: Jambati
18th Century
Introducing Jambati singing bowl with an ample, thick-walled structure and a robust rim. Delight in the morning ritual of listening to the resonant tones of this Jambati, a practice that can help you start your day with mental and emotional clarity. The crystal-clear and joyful vibrations emitted by this bowl gently stimulate both the heart and the mind. Regardless of your playing technique, a pervasive sense of serenity accompanies every note produced by this exquisite instrument. Its soothing and tranquil sound has the power to alleviate anxiety, promoting almost immediate relaxation.
This harmonious singing bowl is a versatile gem, suitable for group meditation sessions, private healing sessions, and ceremonial leadership. Playing it is effortless; simply rub the rim with the suede-covered end of the playing stick. Whether you're a novice or an experienced practitioner, this bowl's universal appeal caters to practitioners of all levels.
Frequencies: 143-145Hz (D3 - 2Hz). Monaural beats range Delta.
435-443Hz (A4-5Hz). Monaural beats range Theta.
Other frequencies: 856Hz, 1379Hz.
Includes complementary singing bowl cushion, striking mallet S1 and rubbing mallet R3.