How to choose a singing bowl?

How to choose a singing bowl?

What should I look for when buying a Singing Bowl?

Some people may purchase a singing bowl just because they like the sound and that's all, but if you are looking for the instrument for special practice, then you should determine first what you are willing to do with the bowl. Most of the singing bowls we sell are good for personal and group meditation practice, mindfulness practice, and sound healing work, but not all the singing bowls are ideal for massaging, reflexology or space cleansing

 If you want to chant along with the sound of a singing bowl, choose an instrument that will be easy to sing without straining your vocal cords, the one that will sing not too low and not too high. Singing bowls for massage (large and medium Jambaties with a thin wall) are usually low sounding and are not the best for leading group meditations. This is because you will need to strike the bowl pretty hard to introduce the sound that would be heard from a distance. On another hand, large Jambaties with a thick rim will sound much brighter. This type of bowl could be used for leading group meditations, along with smaller Tadobaties, Lingams, Manipuries, and Manis, which are also good for private healing work.

If you want to highlight any ritual with the sound of a singing bowl, the main aspect to consider is the character of the sound. The same thing is good to consider when selecting a bowl to use for your own practice. For healing, I recommend you choose a bowl or a set of bowls based on a private case. As a sound healing practitioner, you'll need all kinds of characters of players in your team, meaning, go by the emotional associations evoked with the sound.  

The question of how to choose a Tibetan singing bowl requires minimal knowledge of the subject. I do my best to put in the catalog's descriptions all possible information about the most beneficial way to use singing bowl we sell.

If you still feel lost or overwhelmed when looking through the pages of our catalog, please don't hesitate to contact us. I will ask you a few questions that will help me to understand your needs and will give you options. If you know what you need or simply fall in love with a specific instrument and are satisfied with the numbers that indicate the price, just go for it. 

More information and comprehensive tutorials about this topic are offered in my online courses "Singing Bowls Art Lab" and "Sound Healing Teacher Training".

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  • juni 24, 2021

    Dear Mary
    Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the path you are walking and want to help your son get connected to the power of sound.
    The only advice I can give in regards to choosing a singing bowl is to follow your intuition. There is no right or wrong instrument but there are sounds that make us feel a different way. Some sounds may ground us while other sounds may irritate us. Some tones can be associated with joy and lightness while others can bring us to darkness and fears.
    Please invite your son to listen to as many bows available here and let him choose the one, he connects with the most. It may end up with you not getting a bowl at all and just browsing through our website once in a while listening to our singing bowls. If that will make your life and your son’s life more fulfilled, we will take it as a huge achievement.
    With much love Guy Beider

    — Guy Yair Beider

  • juni 24, 2021

    Hello , I am interested to buy a singing bowl and after researching it fir a few days , it is getting even more confusing than at first , I can’t read music which is a hinderance . But let me say , I am a mother of a 50 yr old disabled son that is legally blind . I had a dream he would be this way when I was pregnant ,so that is interesting .I would like to help his condition using the singing bowl.thank you for listening – Mary

    — Mary santoro

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