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Welcome to your premier destination for a deep dive into the world of sonic harmony. Bells of Bliss is a source for authentic Himalayan singing bowls, singing bowl sets and practical knowledge to approach these instruments in the most efficient way. As you traverse the journey of sound with us, you'll find that we are more than a store; we are a beacon, guiding you towards a harmonious, tranquil, and balanced state of being through the power of authentic Himalayan singing bowls.

Bells of Bliss stands proud as a reservoir of genuine, high-quality singing bowls. These magical instruments aren't just mere bowls but vessels carrying thousands of years of culture, history, and knowledge. They are, in essence, your tools to unlock the harmony within and around you.

Venture into our carefully curated sound bowls catalog, and you will find an impressive array of top-tier singing bowls, each with its unique sonic signature. We believe in transparency and a well-informed customer. Hence, we provide an in-depth description of every singing bowl, outlining its distinctive sound characteristics, age, size, and weight. This information aids you in understanding and selecting the singing bowl that resonates most with your needs and preferences.

To better convey the unique aura of each singing bowl, we attach two high-quality images showcasing its aesthetic beauty and craftsmanship. We also provide a professional sound recording featuring two different playing styles - striking and rubbing. These audio files transport you into the world of each singing bowl, allowing you to experience the tone and resonance, and facilitating a virtual try-before-you-buy scenario.

In our commitment to your perfect sound journey, each of our Tibetan singing bowls comes with a complementary playing stick or a singing bowl mallet. This is not just an instrument but an extension of your will to stir the sonic vibrations within the singing bowl.

But your journey doesn't stop here. To further enrich your experience and provide the utmost value, we've assembled a collection of additional singing bowl accessories. These are not just simple add-ons but essential tools to elevate your experience with the singing bowl. These handpicked items are highly recommended to enhance your interaction with your chosen bowl, amplifying the sound quality and making your experience more immersive and enjoyable.

Your exploration into the realms of sonic harmony is of the utmost importance to us. At Bells of Bliss, our goal is not merely to sell you an instrument, but to initiate you into a lifelong journey towards achieving sonic tranquility. With our singing bowls, your guide in this journey, may you find the harmony you seek!

Singing bowls and sound healing blog and courses

We understand the importance of not only owning singing bowls but also having a comprehensive understanding of their origins, uses, and potential impacts. We invite you to take a meaningful journey into the world of singing bowls through our 'Blog' section.

We've made considerable efforts to populate this space with insightful and engaging articles that will help you deepen your understanding of these fascinating tools. 

We cover a wide array of topics from the history and tradition of singing bowls to practical guides on how to choose, use, and care for them. Dedicating a little time to explore these articles could save you significant time and money down the line, especially if you're new to this realm of sonic wellness.

Moreover, at Bells of Bliss, we take immense pride in providing holistic education about sound wellness. We have developed an innovative platform, the 'Sound Healing Academy,' where we offer a range of courses that go beyond the rudimentary use of singing bowls. Here, you can delve deeper into the study of sound healing, exploring its theories, techniques, and therapeutic implications.

To whet your appetite for learning, we extend an invitation to enroll in our free singing bowls course available via the main menu. This comprehensive course is designed to pique the interest of anyone using singing bowls for a multitude of purposes, whether that be meditation, self-balance and relaxation, or private and group sound therapy and healing.

This is more than just a course; it's an initiation into a profound and life-changing practice. It's the perfect starting point for those who are new to this field, and also a valuable resource for seasoned practitioners who want to refresh their knowledge or learn new techniques.

Bells of Bliss is more than a supplier of singing bowls. We're a community of like-minded individuals passionate about sound wellness. We're here to support your journey and ensure you have the knowledge, resources, and confidence to fully embrace the healing power of singing bowls. Embark on this journey of sonic harmony with us, and let's explore the depths of sound wellness together.


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