Singing Bowls Remedy for Alcoholism, Depression and Anxiety

Singing Bowls Remedy for Alcoholism, Depression and Anxiety

My introduction to Tibetan bowls healing

My name is Julie.

I knew very little about Himalayan singing bowls (known to me as Tibetan healing bowls ) until a couple of years ago, when I engaged with a holistic counselor, who also practices and teaches Tibetan Bowls Healing. It took just one session and I was fascinated and impacted with something I was yet to fully understand. I experienced a level of peace and relaxation that I hadn't experienced in sometime. My curiosity led me to her sound healing bath sessions which I enjoyed immensely. 

I couldn't wait to get my own singing bowl! It didn't take me long to grow a beautiful collection of Nepalese healing bowls each with their own unique sound and complexity. I couldn't get enough of them.  Something about the singing bowls seemed so magical and profound and I wanted to understand why they had such an effect on me. I also purchased a Gong, Tingshas and a Koshi Chimes that she had available for sale. I wanted to experience all that these wonderful sound healing instruments had to offer. 

Meditation with singing bowls

I had been on a spiritual journey for years, trying to implement a regular meditation regime and found it somewhat difficult to maintain. There are lots of reasons for that. I have been experiencing alcoholism on and off for the past 20 years. In and out of recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous amongst every kind of modality available to me and exhausted all my resources. 

I also experience depression and anxiety, and cognitive, memory and concentration difficulties as well as PTSD and chronic pain from Fibromyalgia. So I found meditation quite difficult to maintain. I have recently re-engaged in meditation with singing bowls before and after to center myself and calm my mind. 

Every time I stroke a singing  bowl, my spirit smiles, and I feel connected to the universe. I am practicing listening with more presence and love experiencing the long duration and cyclic sounds which resonate through my ears and body and provide relief from anxiety, heart palpitations and depression. I am still discovering how much more benefits of sound healing are available.

Singing bowls for sleep

Sleeping has also been an issue for me for many years. I find that listening mindfully to the music with beautiful, enchanting sounds and binaural beats, prevents my racing thoughts from surfacing.

Early on, I discovered a Tibetan bowl CD that was playing whilst I was in my local spiritual store. The subtle and soothing sounds called out to me enticingly and blissfully amongst the hustle and bustle around me. I asked the store attendant if they had a copy of this singing bowls music CD. She said they had never played it before and that was the only copy and offered it to me. I have been playing that exact CD every single night for over 2 years and my partner and I still look forward to listening to it as we fall blissfully asleep.

Listening to recorded Tibetan singing bowls music is not as impressive as actually playing singing bowls in person. When playing singing bowls, you can hear the complexities of the overtones and binaural beats more clearly and experience the soothing and healing vibrations at a deeper level.

Singing bowls for stress relief

When I feel emotionally overwhelmed or experiencing a racing mind or confusion, I retreat to my quiet Zen room and play my favorite Nepalese singing bowl until I feel more centered and calm, then I can return to the world with more clarity and wisdom instead of being reactive. 

I used to need to pick up alcohol or pills to soothe my incredible discomfort. I've never really learned to self soothe and nurture myself and have had difficulty with self love and self acceptance. I find the process of playing singing bowls a wonderful remedy to that awful state that I have been in for too long. It has given me a newfound sense of hope and inspiration that I can overcome those things that have prevented me from living authentically and living my life's purpose.

I love my newfound passion for sound healing, especially when I get to share it with my loved ones and friends and inspire them. I have had an incredible and profound response from the few I have so far shared my sound bowls with, which has really motivated and inspired me to continue to learn as much as I can and share it with the wider community. I would love one day to start my own sound therapy practice. I have completed a short course in Tibetan Bowls Healing with my former counselor. It was a wonderful experience, except I long for deeper knowledge and understanding. I do have a science background and like to question and understand the mechanics before I can fully grasp a concept and have a deeper faith in its efficacy in a wide range of sound healing possibilities. 

I came across the Sound Medicine Academy - Sound Healing Teacher Training & Singing Bowls Art Lab course upon researching online and was so impressed by the detail of the curriculum. It speaks to my soul and I am so excited to begin this amazing journey of transformation, learning, creativity, passion, and purpose. I feel extremely confident that I'm going to find exactly what I am looking for here.

Julie H.

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