PDF download 38 pages 

This book reviews human perception of sound and music.

Reading the chapters about various aspects of acoustics, you will learn about the human response to sound. Most importantly, you will learn how to compel your audience to listen to your work. 

This book will help you to become a thoughtful architect of the sonic matrix and will teach you how to create meaningful content for your sound journeys.                                                                      

The book contains chapters written in a very simple language, plus external links, drawings, tutorial videos, and an interactive experiment.

Topics of the book:

  • Definition of psychoacoustics
  • Passive hearing vs active listening
  • Sonic triggers 
  • How the hearing process happens
  • Ear anatomy
  • Vagus nerve and sonic nourishment
  • Hearing sound with the body
  • Drawing reality through the listening
  • Three aspects of active listening
  • Selective listening
  • Work of Alfred A. Tomatis
  • Awareness of the healing sounds 
  • Active listening as cleansing
  • Sound signals and puzzling the reality
  • Perception of low and high amplitude of sound
  • Overwhelming with sound vs playing quietly
  • The difference in perception of high and low pitch
  • Frequencies and energy centers 
  • Experiential exercise for better understanding of the influence of sound on the human body
  • Perception of ascending and descending tones
  • The "Hysteresis" effect
  • Shepard tones
  • Thoughtful use of sound density 
  • Definition of crescendo and decrescendo (diminuendo)
  • Silence as a source of information and a tool for transformation
  • The healing potential of dissonance
  • Connecting body, mind and spirit through sound
  • Mood shifters 
  • The definition and listing of major and minor chords
  • Specifics of overtone-emitting instruments
  • The healing power of "surprise"
  • The benefits of tension and relive
  • Definition of synesthesia
  • Definition of auditory-tactile synesthesia
  • Definition of misophonia
  • The autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)