After you enroll in the Free Singing Bowls course, please follow the dropoff link under the "Free Course" menu that says "My Courses".


What is Free Singing Bowls course about

In this singing bowl practitioner course, you will learn about the origins and types of Himalayan singing bowls and how to implement them for health benefits.

Along with the brief history and personal stories of the author, this class will walk you through the practical knowledge of working with the singing bowls. You will learn how to differentiate between modern and antique Himalayan bowls, how to play multiple singing bowls, how to choose your instrument and how to play it in the most professional way. We will also compare metal and crystal bowls, the influence of the geometry of the bowls' on their sonic characteristics, and many more interesting subjects. This program includes video tutorials, photos, and external links.

The curriculum is designed for beginner-level students.

This is a "know-how" practical program. Besides theoretical knowledge, it includes practical exercises of working with real tools.

It is debunking New Age beliefs and provides the student with a wide spectrum of reliable information, interesting facts, and philosophy. 

Another advantage of this program is its convenience. You can study anywhere and at your own pace. 

What are the requirements for the participants to learn to play singing bowls?

No previous experience working with singing bowls or other musical and ritual instruments is needed.

Is this free singing bowls course good for me?

This program is good for you if you are:

  • looking to become a better listener.
  • seeking for a non-religious spiritual practice 
  • looking for singing bowls courses for beginners
  • willing to improve mental, emotional and physical health
  • already serving sound as a therapeutic or healing modality, and want to expand the field of your expertise.
  • wanting to find reliable references and knowledge that makes sense about sound wellness.
  • already serving sound as a DJ or self-educated musician and would like to know about the properties of singing bowls and "sound healing".
  • suspecting that your knowledge of sound therapy has too many New Age elements in it.
  • looking to become confident in educating other sound practitioners.
  • Reiki practitioner, massage or acupuncture therapist, or yoga instructor that wants to incorporate sound wellness tools in your practice.

Will the participants get any certificate of completion of this singing bowls program?

To your knowledge - no government agency (globally) certifies the sound healing schools that are running certificate programs! Upon completing any global sound healing courses, you receive a certificate of completion. That kind of certificate could be customized and printed in a variety of colors for you upon the completion of this course too. My agenda is not to attract you with any master-level certificates but to share with you important knowledge and a love for sound.

What if I already hold a sound healing certificate from another school or teacher?

You will be still holding and owning it but you deserve to know more. The more you gain, the more you can share!

What would be the best way to continue education in the field of sound healing after taking this program?

Please consider taking the "Sound Healing Teacher Training" program. This class is covering a huge scope of information. Sound Wellness Teacher Training and humble practice, is all you need to become a professional sound worker.

How long does it take to complete the singing bowls for the beginners course?

The completion of this program may take up to 10 hours. 

Am I legally allowed to teach this course by myself once I get my certificate of completion? 

If you would like to use any part of this program for commercial use, please contact me. We will work it out.

Will the participants be able to access all the content of the program after the completion of the singing bowl course?

Absolutely yes! You can go back to any section of this class at any time. If you notice that the program has been slightly modified and can not access the information you are looking for, please get in touch with me.

Is Sound Healing Legit?