Set of singing bowls contemporary triad #19

A set of three high-quality modern handmade singing bowls.
An excellent set for any sound therapy practice and is very easy for anyone to play. 
All necessary mallets are included.
Bowl 1
Fundamental note E3
Fundamental tone frequencies 164-167Hz 
First overtone note B4
First overtone frequencies 491-494Hz  
Diameter 9 1/5" (24cm)
Weight 67.6oz (1914g)
Bowl 2
Fundamental note G#3
Fundamental tone frequencies 205-207Hz 
First overtone note D5+15Hz
First overtone frequencies 602-604Hz  
Diameter 9 1/4" (23.5cm)
Weight 68.3oz (1934g)
Bowl 3
Fundamental note B3 
Fundamental tone frequencies 246-248Hz 
First overtone note F5+14Hz 
First overtone frequencies 713-715Hz  
Diameter 8 5/8" (22cm)
Weight 51.5oz (1459g)