Antique singing bowl Jambati JF#132

Headphones on recommended
  • Size 10” x 4 3/4" (25.5 x 12.5cm)
  • Weight 56.4oz (1602g)
  • Fundamental Note: F#/Gb3 (Fa#/Sol3)
  • Fundamental(Hz): 180-181
  • Overtone Note: C#/Db5 (Do#/Reb5)
  • Overtone(Hz): 549-551
  • Style: Jambati
17-18th Century
Introducing Bodhisattva Singing Bowl, a unique instrument that radiates joy, broadcasting a serene symphony that encapsulates love and life. Each sound it produces transforms the listener, unlocking the heart to acceptance and kindness. Its tones go beyond the auditory, fostering an enduring tranquility and love that lingers beyond the final note.
Bodhisattva is more than a singing bowl—it's a catalyst for emotional enrichment, creating a therapeutic journey that celebrates life and love through its harmonious vibrations.
It plays effortlessly low and high tones when you rub the rim with the suede padded mallet.
This instrument is equally good for beginners and experienced practitioners.
Frequencies: 180 - 181Hz (F#3 - 4Hz). Monaural beats range Delta. 
First overtone: 549 - 551Hz (C#5 Concert pitch). Monaural beats range Theta. 
Other frequencies: 1075Hz, 1702Hz.
Includes complementary singing bowl cushion, striking mallet S1 and rubbing mallet R3.