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About Bells of Bliss

Welcome to Bells of Bliss!  Thank you for choosing us as your guide in finding sonic harmony.

Bells of Bliss is a source for authentic Himalayan singing bowls and practical knowledge to approach these instruments in the most efficient way.

On the pages of our catalog, you will find the highest quality singing bowls along with a comprehensive description of the sound characteristics, age, size and weight of each bowl. To each singing bowl, we attach two images and a professional sound recording of two different playing styles (striking and rubbing the bowl).

Each bowl is being offered with at least one complementary playing stick (mallet) attached to your purchase, along with a range of accessories we recommend for you to buy in addition.

To expand your knowledge about singing bowls, please visit our "Blog".  Please dedicate some of your precious time to get familiar with the short articles in this section, it may save you lots of time and money! Bells of Bliss is also providing with the online sound wellness education. To learn more about our programs, please visit "Courses" menu.

Bells of Bliss is the first internet store that also buys antique singing bowls from the collectors outside of our business web. To read more about this type of service we provide, please visit "Secondary market We buy singing bowls"

From the founder of Bells of Bliss

My name is Guy Yair Beider. In 2007 I was introduced to the sound of Himalayan singing bowls. This experience has literally changed my life. It impressed me so much, that I decided to dedicate a significant part of my life learning all about the singing bowls. Nine years later I became the founder of Bells of Bliss.

Thank you for giving me a chance to offer you the highest quality singing bowls and to share with you my experience. The singing bowl may very well change for good some aspects of your life (see "What's so special about the singing bowl"). It could be a valuable present for your loved ones, or you may simply want to invest in antique items that are becoming rare and more difficult to find from year to year. Singing bowls raise in value approximately ten percent every year.  

Bells of Bliss is a project that I came to after I realized that there is a large demand for singing bowls and little knowledge about how to utilize these sacred tools correctly.

I was once hunting for high-quality singing bowls and now suppliers and collectors are coming to me with authentic jewels they find in different parts of Himalayas. It literally knocks on my door and it is now my honor to share this with you!

I am tired of hearing the lies that many dealers spread about singing bowls, such as describing machine-made instruments as a "seven metal antique Tibetan bowl" or the "chakra bowl". In response to this, I offer you the educational section, "Blog".

Thank you for your trust and for allowing me to share with you the knowledge that I’ve gained over the years of dedicated work. My agenda is to give you the opportunity to experience the beauty of the sound, to go to your depths by opening yourself to the sonic harmony. I also offer you practical tips and food for thought. I would ask you to refer to your own heart and logic when you read my articles before you make a decision to believe what I say. I learn so much every time I examine a new bowl, and I still receive new impressions and energies while working with people.

A little information about my teachers: In 2011 I took a seven-day master class with Mitch Nur I have so much respect and gratitude for Mitch, for bringing me to the door of my path. I would also like to thank Frank Perry and Alexandre Tannous for guiding me along the path of the sound healing arts. I trust them both very much in everything related to singing bowls and sound as a healing modality.

There are some very valuable points of the practice that I picked up from my personal research, and extensive work with the instruments. My personal understanding of the mental, emotional and spiritual responses that sonic patterns evoke, I’ve gained largely through working with Amazonian healers and sacred plants. My approach to sound healing modalities and singing bowls is based on a combination of scientific and intuitive work.

About our singing bowls

The singing bowls you’ll find in our catalog have made their way from all over the Himalayas. These bowls survived centuries, passing from one area to another, changing owners along the way. It’s safe to say that these bowls have lived many lifetimes and experienced so much along the way!

By looking at the picture, reading the description or listening to the sound sample of any particular bowl, you become a part of the story.

Each bowl that you see has gone through a comprehensive selection process.

Antique dealers are searching for valuables in every corner of Himalayas. If they find any singing bowls, they bring them to special collectors. These collectors are supplying a certain amount of bowls to other collectors, whose expertise and knowledge of the subject is stronger as are their paying abilities. They are specialists in the business of singing bowls. These dealers are narrowing the selection of bowls by assessing and then dividing them into different groups, based upon the level of quality. Broken bowls and bowls with little value are passed to scrap metal dealers for melting and reusing the alloy.  Low-quality bowls are being sold to local gift shops of ethnic items in India and Nepal. These bowls are being offered for sale to tourists. Higher quality items are stored and waiting for the attention of western dealers that are specialized in singing bowls business.

Bells of Bliss works exclusively with the most reliable suppliers of singing bowls in India and Nepal, collectors that understand what the highest quality sounds like. We choose bowls from a selection that has already been narrowed down by these knowledgeable collectors.

The one and only criteria that we deliberately follow is the quality of the sound.

Description of our singing bowls

Along with the two photo images and sound clips, you will also see the size of the singing bowl in inch and metric system. The weight information of the item is also available in two measuring systems lb's and grams.

The approximate age of the bowl is also given. This approximation is made based on the style of the singing bowl, it's sound, the color of the alloy and the most reliable factor - the way the instrument has been worn out.

A short description of the "energy" of the soundscape is also provided to give you a better idea about the bowl.

As per sound characteristics, frequencies of the fundamental tone and overtones are given with consideration of monaural beats and corresponding brain wave patterns.

Bells of Bliss is the only source that is able to measure these frequencies. In the process of choosing a singing bowl, you may use this information for working with the concept of acoustic brain entrainment (brain waves) in a more precise way!

Note: Massaging properties of the bowls are marked with "M" and graded by scale 1-5 (less to more sensible mechanical vibrations).

Please note: Our sound samples have NO special filters or any effects. Unlike other websites, we offer you a "raw", professional sound recording. 

Singing bowls labeling

Each singing bowl that you purchase from our store comes with stickers that identify the frequencies (monaural beats range of fundamental and overtones), the notes and octaves.

Each bowl comes with its own ID number that is kept in our database. Anytime you want to add a matching bowl or any accessory, we can pull out the specific information about your item and work with this data.

Matching harmonized singing bowls sets

If you plan to work with singing bowls to harmonize yourself and other people, you’ll need a HARMONIOUS set of instruments. 

We will match the best set for you starting with two or more bowls. We can find a perfect family of tones choosing the bowls from the catalog or from our out of catalog stock. No additional fee will be charged.

We select harmonious sets by matching every possible parameter of a singing bowl's characteristics such as style, size, fundamental tones frequencies, overtones frequencies, speed of fundamental tone's pulsation, speed of pulsation of overtones and energy characteristics of the instruments (emotional character of sound).

Please contact us to describe your desire.

Please note: there is no return on customized sets.




A pentatonic set of contemporary thick-walled singing bowl


A Major third set of contemporary thick-walled singing bowl


A microtonal set of contemporary thick-walled singing bowl


A microtonal set of contemporary thick-walled singing bowl


Chromatic set of contemporary thick-walled singing bowls 4th octave

Want to expand your collection of singing bowls?

For your convenience, we offer the option of expanding your collection by matching a right bowl/s for you. If you have a bowl that you got from another source and want to add a perfect companion to it, just contact us and explain your wish. Please attach two decent quality sound samples of the striking the bowl and playing the rim (smartphone recording is good enough) for us to have a reference of the sound characteristics of your bowl.

We will not charge an extra fee for this service.

Certificate of purchase

Along with your singing bowl or a set of bowls, upon your special request, you will receive a certificate that will include all information about your instrument/s such as size, age, frequencies, notes, etc. 

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