Healing Resonance and healing frequencies

Healing Resonance and healing frequencies

Healing vibrations and healing frequencies

One of the most important aspects to understand, when working in the field of sound healing or just using sound for self benefits is; what is resonance. People talk about the healing vibrations and healing frequencies. There are many claims made in the sound wellness community about the specific sound frequencies that kill cancer cells and frequencies that heal and repair DNA. There are claims about 432Hz creating the resonance of healing of the planet Earth... Claims about 528Hz is a frequency of love that creates resonance of DNA and therefore, is a DNA repairing frequency... One of the most recent miraculous frequencies on the sound healing market is 111Hz. This frequency is claimed as a sacred frequency. You may also find it described as a holy frequency. Supposedly, all these superior frequencies are creating some sort of a resonance in an aura and eventually are leading to health improvement. 

As a sound wellness practitioner that approaches such claims with a grain of salt, I asked many times other sound healers working with the healing frequencies, why do these frequencies create "healing resonance". Unfortunately, I discovered that there is a lack of understanding what resonance is in the first place.

What is resonance?

A vibrating material could provoke vibrations in other nearby objects via resonance. The mechanical vibrations would pass through the medium that surrounds other objects and make them vibrate at the same rate. 

In order for this phenomenon to occur, the sounding source must emit at least one frequency that would be a natural sound the other objects could make. This frequency is called "resonant frequency". 

Resonance could be demonstrated by using two tuning forks.

For this experiment let's take two tuning forks of the same frequency (128Hz in our case) and one fork with a different rate of vibration (100Hz).

When you strike one fork tuned to 128Hz and place it next to its twin, the twin will start vibrating. The fork with the 100Hz frequency will not become excited, because the resonant frequency in our case is 128Hz. Even when you stop the first fork from vibrating, the mirroring fork will still sound until it completely loses the energetic charge that was initially passed by the propagating one. 

When two or more objects have similar vibratory characteristics that allow them to resonate at the same rate, they form a resonant system. This aspect of resonance is called sympathetic vibration.

*Resonance can be defined as “the influence of one vibration on another.” Literally, it means “to re-sound, to send again, to echo.”


The effect of resonance is being applied when the amplitude of vibration needs to be intensified. A guitar or violin body, for example, serve this purpose. The vibrations of a string are exciting the instrument body. As a result, a bigger surface (guitar body) starts to vibrate, and you can hear a loud and rich sound. If you place your palm on the body of a guitar, you will feel the vibration, but the sound will become less loud or will stop. Basically, you just applied a static force against the energy of the resonating guitar body to dampen the sound.

Several schools of sound healing and internet sources are pointing to specific rates of vibrations as the resonant frequencies for the human body organs. After years of research, I tend to believe that there is no RELIABLE reason to advocate the application of any particular frequency for the treatment of a specific organ or a disease. I wish I were wrong about this.  

By saying that the frequency “X” is prescribed for healing cancer or frequency “Y” will heal an ulcer, one is taking out of the equation the uniqueness and complexity of human nature. There are no two identical hearts or brains, bones, livers or lungs. Also, today your organs are not exactly the same as they were yesterday or will be tomorrow. It's important to remember that most of the physical systems have more than one and sometimes an infinite number of natural (resonant) frequencies. Physical and chemical properties (such as dimensions, density and chemical composition) of the vibrating object are predetermining resonant frequencies. 

Today in medicine, the practice of lithotripsy has become a standard procedure. Shock Wave Lithotripsy (SWL) is a common treatment for kidney stones in the U.S. Ultrasound shock waves from outside the body are targeted at a kidney stone causing the stone to break into smaller fragments.

When we look at this specific case, it's important to understand that the lithotripter shock wave does not have a dominant frequency or tone, but rather its energy is spread over a very large frequency range. This is a characteristic feature of a short pulse. Most of the energy in the shock wave is between 100 kHz and 1 MHz (100000Hz – 1000000Hz). This means that it is unlikely that a lithotriptor breaks kidney stone by exciting its resonant frequency.      

Another approach in working with frequencies in medicine, which is mistakenly taken as working with sound, is ascribed to Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. 

What frequency destroys cancer cells?

Some individuals in the sound healing community spread misleading historical facts about the work of Dr. Rife. They say that Rife's machine was killing bacteria, viruses and cancer cells by emitting specific sound waves.         

Dr. Rife was working not with sound waves but with Electromagnetic frequencies!     

Rife believed bacteria or viruses inside tumors emitted specific electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). He developed a microscope he claimed could detect EMFs from bacteria and viruses by the color of their auras.

With all that being said, it is very possible that more information about the use of sound frequencies for non-invasive surgical procedures does exist. It might be out there, waiting for a better understanding and scientific evidence. 

The only well known measured and unquestionable cycles of the human body are breath, pulse, brainwaves (EKG), and craniosacral pulse. Except for the brainwaves, all others are not considered as frequencies but natural rhythms of the human body. 

What is human vibration?

Another type of resonance that people often talk about is the “connection” between humans. While interacting with different people, we exchange energy. The “frequency” of a person we interact with can be easily observed. There are many people with "uplifting" energy around us. A connection with such a person simply makes you feel good. Since you are capable of having a good mood, that means you are capable of “re-sounding” on this “good mood” frequency. You may become attuned and resonant with the uplifting person pretty easily. It also works the opposite... Imagine you are the one with a good mood and uplifting energy. You are meeting an old friend who is experiencing hard times and seeing no point in life. If you are not strong enough to maintain your vibrations, your friend could easily bring them down. It takes more energy to emit high frequencies in physics as well as in daily life situations.

When it comes to music and sound, same as with people, the resonance with a positive emotional wave is a healthy thing. If you are surrounded by sounds or people that you do not resonate with, it is likely that this may harm your nervous system.

If you have found this article interesting, we would strongly appreciate it if you could please share it with your friends. We would also love to hear your feedback. Please write your thoughts and experience in the comments window below the article. 

Thank you.

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  • % b% d,% Y

    Great article!
    I resonate with every word. Here in Brazil is the same! A lot of misunderstanding about frequencies, being 432 Hz the most famous at the moment. Another claim that people love here is to say that a emotion has a frequency. They took the work of Dr. David Hawkins (Power x Force) and put “Hz” in each emotion. Dr. Hawkins didn´t mention “Hz” in the entire book, he just create a numerical scale to classify emotions based on kinesiology. Another fake news!
    Thank you for your commitement with integrity!
    Much Love

    — Luiz

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