Antique singing bowl Manipuri MPG60 with an authentic engraving

Headphones on recommended
  • Size 5 7/8"x2" (15x5cm)
  • Weigh 15.2oz (434g)
  • Fundamental Note: G4 (Sol4)
  • Fundamental(Hz): 396-399
  • Overtone Note: C#/Db6 (Do#/Reb6)
  • Overtone(Hz): 1105-1117
  • Style: Manipuri
19th century
Rare, thick-walled Manipuri. The sound of this bowl is able to take you into the fairy tale. It is so pure and refreshing. Plays easy low and high pitch by rubbing the rim with the suede padded and wooden ends of the rubbing mallet.
Equally good for beginners and experienced practitioners. A perfect instrument for any kind of practice.
Frequencies: 396-399Hz (G4+4Hz). Monaural beats range Delta. 
1105-1117Hz (C#6 Concert pitch). Monaural beats range Alpha. 
Other frequencies: 2058Hz.
Includes complementary singing bowl cushion, striking/rubbing mallet R2.