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Binaural set of large Jambaties JA#41/ JA48

Headphones on recommended
  • Size Size of JA#41: 11.1/4"x5.1/4" (28.5x13.5cm) JA48: 11.3/8"x5.1/2" (29x14cm)
  • Weight 72.3oz (2049g) 83.6oz (2372g)
  • Fundamental Note: A#/Bb2 (La#/Tib2)
  • Fundamental Note: A2 (La2)
  • Overtone Note: F4 (Fa4)
  • Style: Jambati
An extremely powerful set of two top quality large Jambaties. Both of these
instruments are brought from a private collection, where they were used individually and as a set for private sound therapy sessions. The age of these pair is approximately 150-200 years old. Both have a very high wall and as a result long-lasting sound and very much noticeable yet gentle mechanical vibrations. Excellent instruments for massage and grounding work!
This is an excellent set for brainwave entrainment and sessions where the deepest level of relaxation is required.
The fundamental tones frequencies JA#41: 114hz and 116hz (A#2 Concert)
The fundamental tones frequencies JA48: 111hz and 113hz (A2+3hz)
Difference (binaural beats) between lower frequencies is 3hz
The difference between higher frequencies is 3hz.
First overtone JA#41: 349hz and 355hz (F4+5hz)
First overtone JA48: 342hz and 346hz (F4-7hz)
Binaural 7hz and 9hz
Second overtone JA#41: 692hz
Second overtone JA48: 677hz
Binaural 15hz
Other frequencies JA#41: 1131hz, 1630hz, 2168hz.
Other frequencies JA48: 1103hz, 1596hz, 2144hz.
Note: JA48 has an authentic engraving.
Excellent set for any kind of practice for both beginners and advanced level practitioners.
Both bowls are playing super smooth the fundamental or overtone depending on the technique of playing.
Set includes two complementary singing bowl cushions, two singing bowl mallets S1 and two mallets S2.
Size of JA#41: 11.1/4"x5.1/4" (28.5x13.5cm)
Size of JA48: 11.3/8"x5.1/2" (29x14cm)
72.3oz (2049g)
83.6oz (2372g)