This book will walk you through the internal rhythms of the human body and the influence of external rhythms on emotional, mental and physical states. The tools described in this book will help you improve your practice and achieve better results in your sound session.

Topics of the book:

  • A brief history of entrainment discovery in physics
  • What entrainment is in nature and what are the conditions required for entrainment to happen
  • The rhythm of life and internal periodicity
  • The heartbeat of music
  • Rhythmic entrainment
  • External rhythms and body's motor skills
  • Stable, periodic patterns and erratic rhythms
  • What are brainwaves and brainwave patterns
  • Specifics and aspects of main brainwave patterns (Infra-low, Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma) 
  • A brief history of brainwave entrainment
  • How brainwave entrainment works
  • The definition of isochronic tones
  • The definition of monaural and binaural beats
  • The application of isochronic tones, and monaural and binaural beats in brain entrainment
  • The link between the sound, heartbeat, and breath
  • The healthy rate of heartbeat and breath
  • Heartbeat and breath rate entrainment